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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Humble Apology to Our Loyal Followers

Dearest Follwers,

We would like to formely apologise for our absence and lack of updates to the blog. There has been a slight seperation in the founders of the blog but we realise now that it is only small wave in the vast sea of the blogging world. It is only fair on to ignore the difficulties and continue on, returning the love and joy that our followers have given us.

The main reason for our absence is down to an additional, optional, year that is available for students ion many schools. If a student chooses this extra year they are then separated from their friends who continue on. The separation resulted in lack of communication and a breakdown in blog conversations. Only now do we reaslise that our difficuties can not be taken out on the members of the blog...we are sorry, followers, deeply, humbly, in every element of our minds and from the depths of our hearts we are sorry for not making posts on the blog.

We hope to continue and allow this blog to thrive, expanding intothe blogging world. There will be tests of strenght and emotions, but alas do not worry loyal followers. The blog will prevail.

xoxo luff yiz 4eva nd alwiz <3 <3 XD :*