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Monday, 19 March 2012

Maturing Fast These Days

So I'm staying with my sister Sophie and she only has 2 wardrobes... hers and Tony's, who is her 6 year old son and my favorite nephew!, So I had to put my clothes in Tony's wardrobe. 
So I need to get a top to wear for the day ahead (we were hitting the shops!) so I went into Tony's room and got my top out of the wardrobe when I turned around and saw the most horrific, surprising thing I've ever seen... standing behind me was Tony with a full load of armpit hair! :O He's 6! Six!!! When I was his age I didn't even have hair on my head! And we're not talking like a few little beads here,these were like massive long strings! I knew you wouldn't believe me so I grabbed my camera and took a pic... but the little bastard went and told Sophie, who shouted at me saying "If you put that picture of Tony on your stupid blog then I won't let you have any more of my salad (she makes amazing salad)!" 
But guess what?  I thought then.. my readers are more important than my bitch of a sister so I'M GONNA PUT IH UP!!! 
love u all sooo much :) 


  1. Never heard anything like it!1 ... 'maturing fast these days' is right!! :)

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for stopping by our blog! Tony is super cute boy!

    Momo, Pinot and mom

  3. Aww Thank You That Means So Much :)